Country Garden is a high-tech integrated enterprise
that creates a better society with our existence.

We are dedicated to the robot industry

With the rapid development of science and technology, the era of robot has arrived. Committed to scientific and technological innovation, we recruit talents from all over the world and learn from others. With the wisdom of our 200,000 employees and more than 1,000 doctors, we are creating a better society and promoting China’s scientific and technological progress with the power of science and technology.

We set up Bright Dream Robotics to develop and apply the intelligent construction system focusing on construction robots, new prefabricated buildings and BIM technology. We strive to achieve the perfect combination of safety, quality, speed, environmental protection and science and technology to lead the reform of the construction industry and promote the R&D, manufacture and application of various types of robots in fields of catering, medical treatment, agriculture and community service.

We set up Qianxi Robotics Group to build leading robot restaurants at home and abroad that provide delicious, hygienic, nutritious, healthy and affordable meals and a brand-new dining experience.

We build high quality houses and communities

We strive to become a practitioner of promoting China's new urbanization, and make the houses we build safer, healthier, better-looking, economical, applicable and durable. We provide the society with beautifully-decorated houses, gardens with pleasant scenery, well-equipped supporting facilities and considerate property services. So far, we have modified the appearance of more than 1,400 cities and towns with our products, and more than 4.5 million house buyers choose to live in our communities. In this way, we have made our due contributions to China's urbanization and modernization.

We actively participate in agricultural modernization and rural revitalization

We set up our agricultural company and use advanced unmanned equipment to promote the development of agriculture, improve agricultural production efficiency, grain output and quality, and help solve the world food problem.

We set up Country Market to organize farmers to build breeding bases and serve as a bridge between urban and rural commerce so as to serve a great variety of safe, delicious and affordable food products directly to urban residents and create a happier life for every Chinese family.

Creating a better society with our existence        

Precision poverty alleviation and rural revitalization are also one of our main businesses. Up to now, the founder of Country Garden and the Group have donated over CNY 10 billion to social charity organizations, and actively participated in precision poverty alleviation and rural revitalization in 57 counties of 16 provinces across the country, which has helped 490,000 people get out of poverty. In the future, we will continue to consolidate our poverty alleviation achievements and make more contribution to rural revitalization.

Country Garden is a constituent company of Hang Seng Index and Fortune Global 500 company listed in Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2007, and its annual tax payment exceeds CNY 60 billion. We will strive to be a transparent enterprise that shoulders its due social responsibility and makes unremitting efforts for the progress of society.

Country Garden- Five-star living for you.

SINCE 1992