Culture of Transparency

Every year, Country Garden will hold the "Sunshine Culture Festival" and publish the "Sunshine Index White Paper" to improve its honest and clean management system, create an honest, clean and transparent corporate culture, and ensure production safety.

  • 30%Leadership and commitment

  • 30%Operation and maintenance

  • 20%Prevention and improvement

  • 10%Design and Framework

  • 10%Training and procedures


Integrity policy

Country Garden has formulated policies and systems to promote a transparent, fair and just corporate culture.

Please download the Transparency Convention for more details.
Whistleblowing Policy.
  • Our employees

    Every Country Garden employee is required to sign an Oath of Integrity when hee is employed so that they are familiar with the laws and regulations that they should abide by. In addition, Country Garden has formulated “Regulations on the Management of Employees' Duty Behavior”, “Regulations on the Management of Employees' Conflicts of Interests” and “Measures for the Investigation of Employees' Violation of Rules and Discipline” to standardize and guide employees’ behavior and ensure that they will fulfill their commitment to Country Garden’s transparent, fair and just corporate culture.

  • Our stakeholders

    To ensure that Country Garden maintains a healthy and long-term win-win relationship with its stakeholders, we have signed the Transparency Convention with our partners, which stipulates that our cooperation should be based on legality, justice, mutual benefit, legality and compliance. In addition, Country Garden discloses the contact information of the Group’s Supervision Department to all partners, and strives to create an honest and fair business environment through internal audit and supervision.


0757-26395969 4
Informants' hot-line telephone
Postal code:
No.1 Country Garden Avenue,
Shunde District, Foshan City,
Guangdong Province, China


We keep the personal information of the informants and the content of their complaint strictly confidential, and prohibit anyone from retaliating against the informants. Those who retaliate against the informants will be punished severely once their retaliation is verified..

We give priority to real-name complaints, and give timely feedback on the investigation and handling results.


Please provide us with your name, contact information and other necessary information to facilitate our communication.

Please specify the target of complaint, provide detailed information including the time, location and process of the violation of rules and discipline, and attach documentary evidence, photos, audio recordings, videos and other evidence to your email.

Informers should report accurately, and shall not fabricate facts or falsely accuse an innocent person.