Country Garden strives to publicize the concept of sustainability and elevates sustainable development to the Group’s strategic level. By integrating with the business, we set up sustainable development policies step by step and implement sustainable development concepts throughout the whole value chain to maintain and increase the Group’s long-term economic, ecological and social capital, and manage and handle the associated risks properly with sustainable development.

Country Garden has been a member of the United Nations Global Compact and put into practice the sustainability concept initiated by the Compact, in accordance with which we make great efforts to create value for stakeholders to promote the sustainable development of the Country Garden Brand continuously.


Country Garden attaches great importance to sustainable development. We have established the governance structure to sustainable development consisting of board committees, management departments, and business units.


Country Garden released ESG Committee reference terms in 2020.

Country garden holdings company limited
(Limited company incorporated in the Cayman Islands)
(Stock code:2007)
(「The Company」)
Regulations of ESG Working Committee of Country Garden


In 2020, Country Garden revised and updated the Regulations of ESG Working Committee of Country Garden, specifying the responsibilities and rules of procedure of ESG Working Committee. It also offers guidance for improving research and strategic planning of the Group’s sustainable development and for strengthening the management capacity and preparedness for risks associated with the environment and society.


On May 12, 2020, Country Garden adopted resolutions of the board of directors and established the environment, social and governance committee, members of the board of directors were appointed by the board of directors of the Company, and members of the committee were composed of two executive directors and three independent non-executive directors under the leadership of chairman Yang Guoqiang.