Country Garden is deeply aware that excellent talents are the source of sustainable development of enterprises and their indispensable strategic resources.

To realize sustainable development and enhance its core competitiveness, Country Garden has continuously strengthened, improved and upgraded its internal talent management system with its more than ten years’ experience, and implemented talent strategies that match each development stage to promote its sustainable development.

In addition, Country Garden makes every effort to build its talent ecosystem. We hire senior corporate executives, industry experts and high-level training teams at home and abroad as our teachers, and make use of cutting-edge development technologies to design and upgrade our new talent training concepts and talent capability development projects based on our cutting-edge concepts of human resources management and corporate strategies, so that employees at different levels and in different fields can get corresponding learning and development opportunities and grow into highly competitive compound talents.


Understanding culture: corporate culture
Assistance: helping new staff adapt to the Group more quickly

What drives Country Garden to make continuous development? It is the continuation, infiltration and transmission of corporate culture, including values, business models and business philosophy, that promote the unity of our knowledge and action and guide our development. 

Promoting consensus: only by reaching consensus can we advance in the same direction.

Based on the abilities and qualities of successful professional managers, such as outstanding middle and senior managers and directors of Country Garden Group, we summarize the top ten qualities of outstanding talents of Country Garden Group who have made outstanding achievements through unremitting efforts, including cultural identity, achievement orientation, overall view and result orientation, to help more employees become more and more outstanding.

Making progress together: we are always on the way towards excellence.

In 2021, Yang Guoqiang, the founder of Country Garden, sent an invitation letter to over 100,000 employees of Country Garden Group to invite those who aspire to make continuous progress and make contribution to the society so that they will make progress together and write a more brilliant chapter in the group’s development. The "19 Questions" raised based on Country Garden’s business philosophy has become the spiritual guidance for all its employees to make continuous progress. We believe that we were born amidst difficult times and that our development cannot be without twists and turns. We can do nothing but struggle.

Country Garden believes that scientific and systematic training and development system for new staff will them quickly adapt to the working environment of Country Garden.

Training for new employees/managers

After joining Country Garden, new employees will receive the closed centralized training organized by the group, including quality enhancement activities, experience-based learning, theoretical training and team activities, to have better state of mind, integrate into the team more actively, comprehensively improve professional quality, and master professional skills. The Group promotes the comprehensive growth of each new employee wholeheartedly.

In addition, the Group will provide basic theory study, centralized training, job rotation, communication with senior management, and team activities according to its "30-60-90" plan for newly recruited managers, so that they will integrate into the Group in the three aspects of consciousness, behavior and working methods, get familiar with the management and control mode of the Group, establish a sense of belonging and professional identity, and integrate into the enterprise more quickly. Besides, based on their psychological cycle, the Group will provide personalized training for them so that they will make contribution to the Group sooner and strengthen their loyalty to the Group.

Induction training

Country Garden is committed to promoting the growth of its new employees by means of centralized training, tutorial system and job rotation based on its Super "Biyesheng" Development Plan, a campus recruitment brand of Country Garden so that its new employees will become principal contributor to the Group.

There are four training sessions. The first session lasts 15 days, and the last three sessions last 5.5 days (one session/two months). The training aims at helping employees integrate into Country Garden and get familiar with their work. The training is offered in eight forms, including lectures, case study, scenario simulation, on-site visit and seminar. Through the training, employees will have stronger cultural identity, develop a professional state of mind, have clearer development goals and integrate into the Group sooner.

Nirvana project
Pilot project
Wing spreading project
New Feather project

Nirvana project

This project is aimed at senior executives of Country Garden who constantly pursue self-improvement by overcoming all sorts of difficulties.


Pilot project

This project is aimed at middle-level managers who are responsible for leading their subordinates to make greater progress.


Wing spreading project

This project is aimed at the middle-level managers to help them give full play to their strengthen.


New Feather project

This project is aimed at the reserve managers to help them enrich work experience and improve working ability.


Study & Growth

  • Strengthening planning
  • Rich supporting materials
  • Regular training

Leadership Development Project for life-cycle talent growth

The "Leadership Development Project" is a manager selection plan that Country Garden formulated based on its corporate strategy and the development of human resources, which aims to meet the needs of Country Garden for high-quality management talents at different development stages, improve the leadership and professionalism of the management team, fulfill its strategic objectives and realize sustainable development. The training plan has made strict and scientific arrangements for the training target, teaching staff, curriculum design and training schedule, and has formulated a complete management and evaluation mechanism.

The "Leadership Development Project" has designed the personalized sub-brand plans, that is, New Feather project, Wing Spreading project, Pilot project and Nirvana project, for the reserve management, middle management, middle and senior management and senior management, the four stages of talent development in Country Garden, to help these outstanding talents advance their leadership level by level and create an iconic brand of enterprise training project.

Online learning platform, courses & instructor resources

In the face of diversified business ecology and complex uncertainties, Country Garden is committed to the construction of learning resources and learning platforms, and has built a supply chain system for discovering, managing and empowering talents to meet Country Garden's constant needs for talents.

Digital learning cloud platform

To train more talents, we must improve our talent-training methods first.

Country Garden has upgraded its internal online learning platform "Learning Cloud" in an all-round way, which supports online learning (offering over 12,000 online courses), offline training, O2O mixed projects, etc. Employees choose the learning modes that meet their personal needs and study anywhere and anytime. The platform is rich in learning resources, convenient to use and available to all employees, making it a preferred and favorite cloud learning platform for employees of Country Garden.

Instructor & course resources

Fully-developed management experience will develop into an enterprise’s intellectual capital that directly benefits all employees of the enterprise.

To provide talent training program for every employee, Country Garden has designed the "Engine Plan" to promote experience collection, knowledge management and curriculum development. Country Garden advocates the idea that "everyone is a teacher and everyone is a student", and strives to drive the development of talent echelon construction and organizational capacity by enriching learning resources. After years of development, our internal knowledge system has been increasingly enriched.

Country Garden’s regular training originated from its luncheon in the early stage of its development, and it is still a regular activity of Country Garden, which aims to foster a self-learning culture within the enterprise and its teams so that learning will become a daily habit of every employee. Regular training promotes employees’ thinking ability, practical ability and personal growth. Different departments of the Group work together to adopt diversified learning modes to create a good learning environment.

Development for competence

With road to development
Evaluation system

Professional and perfect talent development system

The high-quality development of enterprises can't be achieved without the joint efforts of talents at key posts. Country Garden is committed to improving their "professionalism, competence and leadership", and continuously selects the best employees from all competent employees to formulate the "talent ecological strategy" and strengthen its ecological competitiveness. In addition to the New Feather project, Wing Spreading project, Pilot project and Nirvana project, there are the following projects:

Future Navigation program

Future Navigation program was initiated by the founder of Country Garden, Mr. Yang Guoqiang. He personally selected trainees and teaches them, and design the highly practical curriculum. This  training program aims at training key talents for new business that the Group will engage in in the future. The courses offered at the program are entrepreneurship-oriented, and several group executives are invited to offer lectures. “Practical learning" is the main means of learning, and a closed-loop development pattern of "teaching → thinking → training → re-learning" will be formed.

Executive guidance program

This program trains talents for key posts such as president of regional companies/general managers of subsidiaries/president through the “icool capability development model” so as to continuously discover, train and reserve outstanding talents in these key posts, meet the demand of the Group for high-level management talents, realize the timely supply of talents and help to achieve business performance goals.

Xinchen project

Against the backdrop of the group’s diversification strategy and market-oriented operation of the group’s subsidiaries, Country Garden carries out Xinchen project to improve the comprehensive ability of the core manager of each department, promote the comprehensive competitiveness of each department and help them implement the group’s “win-win ecological strategy”. By various means of teaching, such as classroom teaching, case study, on-site visit, daily management lessons, and book reading and sharing, the project has built a theoretical, practical, instrumental and diversified learning system.

  • Instructor/coach series

    Career guide

    Our career guides are responsible for guiding employees’ growth. We provide one career guide for each new employee and reserve manager. These guides are all excellent managers who help new employees and reserve managers continuously improve their competence and professional competitiveness by enhancing their professional skills, state of mild and management ability. Besides, by offering opportunities for ordinary employees to communicate with these managers, we have improved their mutual trust and let employees have more opportunities to show their talent.

    Instructors for executives

    The team of instructors for executives is made up of the group president, vice president, general manager of the headquarters and senior presidents of regional companies. The team adheres to the belief of "trusting, inspiring and enabling", and adopts the teaching methods of "telling them, showing to them and letting them have a try" to realize employees’ full potential.
    Teaching employees in accordance with their aptitude: Pay attention to their characteristics and needs.
    Emphasizing practical training: team management, practical experience and investment analysis.
    Various types of training: pinpoint assistance, experience sharing, networking and professional guidance.

    Instructors with joint responsibility

    Country Garden is committed to promoting the growth of its new employees by means of centralized training, tutorial system and job rotation based on its Super "Biyesheng" Development Plan, a campus recruitment brand of Country Garden so that its new employees will become principal contributor to the Group.

    "Excellent presidents of regional companies" or "excellent line managers of regional companies" participate in the business management of the instructed areas and provide guidance and support for the instructed employees to improve their business performance and management ability.

  • ①Counterpart assistance: help the instructed employees who have the ability, resources and willingness solve practical problems.

  • ②Resource exchange: instructors and trainees share resources to promote the efficient allocation of internal resources.

  • ③Talent training: strengthen internal staff mobility and management experience sharing to enable excellent employees to help excellent employees.

Qualification System &OLA Evaluation System


Country Garden Group has built a perfect qualification system for key posts to offer clear career development path for employees in various fields, standardize the selection and appointment of talents, promote employees' self-development, and provide an important basis for talent promotion and incentives for talents and other work related to human resource management.

OLA evaluation system

Based on its internal management experience, Country Garden adopts the OLA evaluation system to evaluate employees at key posts such as presidents of regional companies, general manager/president of subsidiaries and general manager of projects in terms of their leadership and organizational ability. Country Garden combines talent evaluation and organizational development, and establishes the internal logical relationship among leadership, management system, management efficiency and business results to realize the unity of activating organization and individuals. This system is one of the most important talent evaluation mechanism of Country Garden.

Talent Project


  • Employee vitality
  • Post Hero
  • Engineer Culture Season


Since 2021, based on “STOC Diamond Model” and “Onion Circle Model for Country Garden’s Vitality Management”, Country Garden organizes scientific research and internal management diagnosis every year to evaluate employees’ energy, input and dedication, fully understand their state of mind, continuously optimize management, so that employees will be more energetic, dedicated and make progress together with the group.

Model employees

Country Garden attaches importance to the contribution and value of every employee, especially those model employees working in the front line. It awards honor of "Post Hero" to them every year, and selects employees who have made outstanding achievements at ordinary posts. It promotes the spirit of devotion, hard-working, and striving for excellence to motivate employees to make progress with the power of models.

Creating atmosphere

As the first engineer and chief project supervisor of Country Garden, Mr. Yang Guoqiang, founder of Country Garden Group, has emphasized the "customer-centered" high-quality engineering standard on multiple occasions, and put forward requirements for the professional and efficient engineer team that strives for excellence.

To spread the craftsman spirit and achieve high quality development, Country Garden appoints the third Friday in April as its Engineer Culture Festival, which is celebrated by all engineers in Country Garden, and the three-month themed activities will be held before or after the festival.

"Pursuing excellence and continuous learning; perform our duty with devotion and work hard in the front line; be intent on building all houses as if building our own houses and ensure their due delivery; strive to achieve the slogan of ‘Country Garden builds good houses’.” This is the vow all engineers of Country Garden should make and keep.


Country Garden pays continuous attention to talent training, and devotes its best resources to employee training. Welcome to Country Garden!
Start your unique career in country garden, you super force will achieve superb goal and write legend!

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